Speak up!

Listening Events Completed!

The community has spoken! The Beyond Bricks EBR 2015 Results Paper is available here.

What’s Next? BESE Candidate Forums.

In direct response to the community’s desire to strengthen understanding of the impact of state policies on the local district, Beyond Bricks EBR will be hosting Candidate Forums for the upcoming BESE elections. Click here for information.

Additional Priorities and Results Action Steps Coming Soon

What do you value about public education?

Public education offers everyone a common ground and opportunity for achievement over a lifetime. It is beyond race, beyond gender, beyond any qualifier. It is, simply put, the one facet that separates the U.S. from all other countries in this world—we attempt to education everyone! --Sue Catchings, Health Care Centers in Schools

Education is the key to prosperity, to democracy, and to our progress. Public education is the way we ensure all of our children have access to the resources and supports to make the aspiration of an excellent future a reality for our community. --Beyond Bricks EBR Launch Attendee

The value of public education is that it remains one of the few gateways for individuals to achieve their hopes and dreams. --Dr. Bernard Taylor, EBRPSS