Speak up!

Listening Events Completed!

The community has spoken! The Beyond Bricks EBR 2015 Results Paper is available here.

What’s Next? BESE Candidate Forums.

In direct response to the community’s desire to strengthen understanding of the impact of state policies on the local district, Beyond Bricks EBR will be hosting Candidate Forums for the upcoming BESE elections. Click here for information.

Additional Priorities and Results Action Steps Coming Soon

What do you value about public education?

Public education is invaluable! --Leadership Alumni of Greater Baton Rouge Member

A solid public education system reduces crime and increases employment. --Leadership Alumni of Greater Baton Rouge Member

Public schools should be an option for everyone. With more engagement from the community we will have more resources for our schools. I value the diverse population of our public schools. --Beyond Bricks EBR Launch Attendee